Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A few slices of my Life

I seriously am not going to name each of my posts "ode to" something. People don't even use that word anymore.

So I've been thinking about a few different things I could blog about. And I was thinking how I sort of have an icon for each area of my life that I love. First music,

Sarah Groves for sure. And Keith Green, even though they're several decades apart. But who says it better than the two of them? If one of them doesn't say it, the other does. And both in their own unique way. And Sara just isn't my hero in music. She's my hero in justice. Check out what she supports with her tours and you'll see what I mean.

And Sara has a blog! I just checked it out and it's pretty cool, with a post about Azizi and beautiful artisans from Kenya. 

Next: girl stuff. Such as beauty.
Nuf said.

Color and style. Hats off to Emily Henderson. And what is it with the color taupe?? Look at that first room. It's AMAZING...Has taupe always been well known to be amazing? Or is it in style now like bright orange was in style in the 70's?

It's in the pillows by the way. A lovely accent color. 

So I'm boring today. But I'm loving life whether you can tell or not. And my job. That's not bad either. I'll let you know about it some other time.

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