Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ode to Purple and Silver

Lately I've been playing with greys and purples. Silvers and taupes. That kind of thing. Tauped (a beautiful earthy purple nail color by Sonia Kashuk) was named one of the must have colors for Fall 2010. I was smiling cause I had just bought it. Sonia Kashuk nail colors saved me a lot of money. I was contemplating getting a manicure when I tried her nail polish instead. I expected it to chip off like everything else. A week later it was still as good as new. Who needs acrylics?

I got this amazing dolphin grey gypsy shirt at Kohl's for about $4 (I love the 70% clearance racks) that I LOVE. And I love to pair it with either my taupe nails or my sparkly silver ones. 

With all the silvers and taupes dancing around in my head, I logged on to facebook to see a picture of my nephew and his first homecoming. (What happened to him? How did he turn 16 already?)

I guess this is turning into a color blog. I like color and color combinations. 

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