Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ode to Minimalism

Because today I picked some apples and am going to make an apple pie out of them. And it was simple, and a simple approach to life, and a simple way to enjoy a day and the company of good friends.

Today I picked some apples...That's all. So I think it's a good day to celebrate minimalism, which I am always celebrating, possibly because it's calmness and pristine-ness is something I don't really achieve in real life. Or in art really. So here are the pieces that have always inspired and drew me by my two favorite minimalist artists, Judd and Stella.

I have to admit I prefer Judd's sculptures over Stella's paintings.  Donald Judd captures everything that minimalism is to me, and does to me, and makes me feel. Something about Judd's sculptures can, at the right moments, make me feel quite teary. In a good way.



Grounded. Uncluttered. Beautiful. Calm. Meditative. Clean. And many things I cannot think of words for. Design should be like this. I hope I will create work that is. 

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