Friday, September 17, 2010

Bronze and Grey

I'm a graphic designer and this is my design blog. It will be a scrapbook of stuff that inspires me and stuff that I make. I never thought a graphic designer should gather inspiration only from printed or web media - it's all around us. In college, my biggest inspirations were painters and minimalist sculptures. I had some inspiration from graphic design, too, but spaces really open up the wide open spaces in my heart, and painters know color. So here are two spaces I love. The first one I call "all design should feel this way." By that I mean open, airy, and breathable as well as organic, exquisite, and quietly luxurious. I love this space.

And yes, somehow that computer message got on there. It was a flash player and I couldn't download the image, so I had to screen print it. 

The second one is a  magazine scan. I apologize for the streaks. I'm sure there would be a way to remove them, but like the tear down the middle, I kind of like the way it speaks to the fact that it was ripped out of a magazine. I get my images and inspiration everywhere.

It's so masculine and grounded and strong. I love the square dark leather furniture - have always wanted some like this. I also absolutely love the square wooden shelf and coffee table. Being a lover of Geometry, two shapes I can't live without are squares and circles. I don't know which is better. Both are so clean, so perfect, so mathematical. Being a girl, I didn't know I liked masculine design as much as I did, but this I love. And the fact that it has those lovely feminine touches (like the throw pillows) helps a lot. Sometime someone with no design will decorate a room and it will be dark and depressing and very brown and they will call it masculine. This room is anything but depressing. It's very alive.

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